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Serenity Beck
Senior Serenity Beck is a first year journalism student that is excited to bring new ideas into her  journalism class. In the first grade, she began to learn how to play the violin and the piano in sixth grade and is now a part of the school’s orchestra. Beck is a beyond compassionate person who is eager to give back to the world by traveling to different countries that are less fortunate and helping them. She enjoys watching Disney movies, photography, trying new things and hanging out with friends and family. Whenever she is stressed or under pressure, she works through it by laughing and making the most of her situation which demonstrates Beck’s optimistic view on the world. After high school, Beck hopes to pursue her goal in becoming a marine veterinarian by attending either UC Santa Cruz or UC Santa Barbara. Beck is excited to finish off her senior year of high school on a positive note.         

Serenity Beck, Staff Reporter

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Serenity Beck