Winter Fashion


Galilea Avina, Staff Reporter

Being in mid-winter, we tend to scatter to stores to look for winter outfits that are good enough or nice enough. Some of us find ourselves in Macy’s comparing price tags. I am definitely like this. But at the end of the day, no one will be checking the brand of your jeans or the price tag on your shirt.

West High senior Emileydi Martinez shares her opinion when asked how to stay warm on a budget. “I love to go thrift shopping; I also get some of my sister’s hand-me-downs.” Martinez is known among her classmates for dressing nicely every day.

Paola Galan, a sophomore, shares her opinion on the same question. “Sometimes I go to thrift stores, but here and there I like to save up my money and treat myself with something nice.” She continued, “If I’m going to buy something I know will be expensive, I put off buying it until I know there will be deals and discounts, for example, Fourth of July and Black Friday.”

When asked if she could give fashion tips, Galan commented, “For a more casual look, try to match your shoes to your shirt or sweatshirt. It will make it look as if you had planned out your outfit carefully and actually tried in the morning. So, you could wear a black and white striped or flannel shirt with black or white shoes. As obvious as it sounds, you’ll look good.”

Even though I mostly keep the same clothes and hardly change my style, during winter I like to look up nice trends and try to put my own twist on things. I’m not saying that I get glammed for school every single day, my look is usually casual, but I do have days where I try to look a little more presentable.

As stated before, it is evident that many students prefer to go thrift shopping, but to some people it’s not really a choice. That being said, one should never make fun of another student for what they wear. Not everyone has the same circumstances and perhaps someone is just trying to get through the day, so if you can try to compliment someone different every day, you might just make their day a little bit better.