Feasting on Fan Favorites


Popular menu items from Jack in the Box. Photo by Isaac Baria

Isaac Baria, Staff Reporter

Fast food restaurants have been around since 1969, so it’s no surprise one could stand out among the rest in terms of taste, price and hospitality. Jack in the Box is one of those fast food restaurants that seems to almost always pop into peoples’ heads when they think of a burger and fries, but it has much more than that. They have a vast array of options such as chicken nuggets, milkshakes, tacos, breakfast items and even late night “munchie meals”. Since the opening of Jack in a Box here in Tracy, many people have flocked towards it for a quick and cheap meal.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What about the food?” I’m happy to say that it is amazing. I ordered the fan favorites: a Jumbo Jack burger with a side of fries and some chicken nuggets with a strawberry milkshake. Let me be the first to tell you that I’ve never been more impressed with a fast food restaurant than when I had these “must have” menu items from Jack in the Box.

Let’s begin with the burger. The Jumbo Jack came with everything a burger-lover could dream of: lettuce, pickles, onions, cheese, an all-beef patty and a vast array of sauces. You could really taste everything in this sandwich, and they combined so well. Next up: the fries. These are your typical steak fries with salt, but they pair well with the burger. The fries also are never too soggy nor too crispy. The next dish is the chicken nuggets. These at first seemed to lack in spice, but as I kept eating them, they became much better. Just like the fries, the chicken nuggets are perfectly crisp and are an amazing pair with any other menu item. The last menu item I indulged in was the strawberry milkshake. The strawberry milkshake from Jack in the Box is the perfect drink to add to any meal; its taste is uncanny to any other milkshake I’ve ever had. These items are personally my favorites on the Jack in the Box menu, and I hope you can say the same after reading this.

Jack in the Box’s convenient location  makes it a a perfect place to go to when you’re considering off-campus lunch. The employees whipped up my food in a heartbeat, and the price is unbeatable. For those four large menu items, it cost a little over $13. The items I got were incredibly filling, and I could barely finish all of it.

I would give Jack in the Box 5/5 paws if you are considering going off campus.